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All Saints CofE School

School Routine

Before School Routine

  • The school playground gate is opened at 8.30am in the morning to allow children and parents into the playground before the school day starts.
  • A member of staff stands at the gate every morning to welcome pupils and monitor entry to the playground.
  • Parents can drop their children off at the gate or accompany them into the playground as they wish.
  • At 9.00am the playground gate will be locked.
  • All parents need to have left the site before this point.
  • Late children, parents and visitors must then enter the school via the main secure entrance.

After School Routine

  • The school playground gate is opened at 3.25pm to allow adults to collect their children.
  • Children are handed over to parents and carers by a member of staff.
  • The playground is locked once the playground is clear.
  • Any children who are not collected will wait in the lobby and be supervised by a member of staff.
  • The school office will be notified and will contact the child’s parent or carer.
  • If you arrive late and the playground gate is locked, please enter through the main door entrance to collect your child.

After School Clubs

  • After-school clubs take place every night and the school site must be safe and secure.
  • Parents collecting their children after a club are asked to return to school at the appropriate time and collect their child from the main entrance where their child will be dismissed by the adult running the activity.