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Home Learning

At All Saints', the teaching staff recognise that pupils have spent a busy structured day at school and will need time to relax and unwind at the end of the afternoon.  We are also aware that the children need time to pursue extra curricular activities.

We are therefore mindful that home learning tasks should be introduced gently to avoid resentment, friction and conflict.  Some home learning tasks, especially for younger children, will benefit from parent involvement.  Children should be given time, space and encouragement to learn at home and building a good home learning routine is paramount to success.

We believe that home learning should be used to effectively reinforce and/or extend the knowledge that children have learnt in school and foster the skills of independent learning.  The home learning tasks set by class teachers are to be meaningful and engaging.  We hope that children will feel a sense of personal satisfaction and pride in their learning and both teachers and parents/carers will recognise, support and praise their efforts.  For older pupils, home learning encourages them to be self motivated and disciplined in their study and improves their ability to complete tasks outside of the school environment.

Home learning is usually set on a Friday to be completed by the following Wednesday.  All home learning should be completed in the given timescale and to the best of your child’s ability.  Home learning will be set at the appropriate level for your child but, if your child experience difficulties or needs further challenge, please write a small note to the teacher in their home learning books.

Week 1 Comprehension
Week 2 Maths
Week 3 Grammar


Reading is paramount to success in the development of your child.  As teachers and parents/carers, it is important to foster an innate love and enjoyment for reading.  Reading should take place on a daily basis at home and may be undertaken in many different forms depending on your child’s age and individual needs, including independent, shared and guided reading.