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All Saints' Governing Body

All Saints' School, like all church primary schools, is run by a board of local people including representatives of the church, Local Authority (LA), staff and parents. The principal aim of the Governing Body is to ensure the school provides its children with a safe environment in which to learn and which helps them to achieve the best possible outcomes.


Working closely with the Head Teacher and Senior Leadership Team, the Governing Body is responsible for:

• Overseeing the direction and development of the school
• Contributing to whole school strategy, using school information and data
• Setting the budget and monitoring expenditure
• Monitoring standards
• The scrutiny and development of policies and procedures


The Governing Body meet twice a term for approximately two hours and some governors sit on two of the various committees that meet more regularly throughout the term. Governors regularly visit the school. A register of attendance for governors at both full governing body and committee meetings is taken and published on this page. To view the register, click here. The register is updated termly. The membership of the Governing Body can be checked online at the Government 'Edubase' Portal. Click here for a link. The site shows both present and past governors.


If you wish to contact the Chair of Governors, you can leave a message with the school office or email direct to:


Results of the 2017 Parent Questionnaire can be found clicking here. The 2015 survey results can be found by clicking here. Results of the 2017 Pupil Questionnaire can be found by clicking here. The 2015 survey results can be found by clicking here. Results of the 2013 Parent Questionnaire can be found clicking here. A graphical representation can be found here.


For a copy of the Instrument of Government click here.


Copies of the minutes from Governing Body meetings can be found via the links at the foot of this page.


(Term of office)

Relevant Business Interest  Position (Appointing body)  Any other establishments governed Area of Responsibility  Relationships with the school staff, including spouses, partners and relatives

Mrs Mariann Hart

(Oct 2016 - Sept 2020)

None Parent Governor None


Finance & Premises,

Standards & Curriculum.


Pen Portrait:

I became a governor to support the school and to make a positive contribution towards children's education and our community. I wanted to have a greater insight into how the school works and understand how the curriculum is taught to children. I have good business, organisation and people skills. I welcome challenges, learn fast and I am dedicated to the success of the school.

Father John Wainwright

(Resigned: 08/01/17)


Ex Officio Vicar



Religious Education & Collective Worship Governor,

Finance & Premises (chair),

Staffing & Admissions.


Mrs Anne Clarke

(08/11/16 - 08/11/20)

 None Foundation (London Diocesan Board for Schools)

Hampstead School, member of Emmanuel Church Parochial Church Council, member of North Camden Deanery Synod.

Vice Chair,

Staffing & Admissions (chair),

Finance & Premises.


Pen Portrait:

Having been appointed by the LDBS as a foundation governor at All Saints’ in 2012, I have worked on several committees and been vice chair of governors since 2014. I am also a parent governor at Hampstead School where I chair the Personnel Committee. My degree is in Institutional and Organisational Sociology and I am fascinated by how social structures and institutions like schools and governments can improve communities and the life chances of individuals. I am passionate about inclusion for all and see state education as the greatest social leveller. Aside from school governance, I enjoy writing, jogging, politics, my cat and spending time with my family. I have two children, one past and one current All Saints' pupil.

Mrs Catherine


(07/02/16 -07/02/20)

 None Foundation        (All Saints' Parochial Church Council) None

SEN & Medical Governor,

Staffing & Admissions.


Pen Portrait:

I have been a Foundation Governor for several years now. I believe that Education is the main vehicle for success in life. As a governor I keep up to date in current legislation and policies in education, which has helped me to support foster children that have been placed in my care. I have a real sense of gratitude for the good and happy education that my own children enjoyed. l consider the role as school governor to be my opportunity to give back to the community to ensure that children are given a fair chance in achieving their full potential. To fulfil this role as a Governor I read papers sent before meetings, ask for clarification and participate at discussions to support the effectiveness of the school. Although the commitment of a governor can be time consuming, I enjoy working with fellow governors from all walks of life, by being a critical yet constructive group member to support the success of the school. To ensure my knowledge, skills and understanding enable me to contribute to the work of the governing body, I undertake regular training organised by either the London Diocesan Board for Schools or by Barnet Education. My target for the future is to become a more visible presence by attending one school event a month either at assembly or by offering my practical support in the classroom or to support at other activities to help All Saints’ School maintain its happy environment and become an outstanding school.

Ms Heidi Bradshaw

(28/10/13 - 28/10/17)

None Foundation        (All Saints' Parochial Church Council) None

Standards & Curriculum.

Travel Plan Champion.


Pen Portrait:

All Saints’ Parochial Church Council appointed me as a Foundation Governor. I accepted the position as I wanted to play an active part in the school’s role within the community. I regularly engage in church life and I am the Sunday School teaching Assistant. I value the importance of developing All Saints’ as a church School and continue to support and improve links between the school and the Church. Whilst ensuring high standards of education for all pupils, I am committed to enhancing their pastoral support and wellbeing. I am a member of the School Association committee and I enjoy the challenges of fundraising and bringing the community together to enhance a richer school life for all the children.

Mrs Hline (Christine) Turner

(30/11/15 - 30/11/19)

None Foundation      (London Diocesan Board for Schools) None

Safeguarding & ICT Governor, Finance & Premises,

Standards & Curriculum.


Pen Portrait:

I joined the school in 2014 as a Foundation Governor, appointed by the LDBS. I am an active member of All Saint’s Church. I am originally from Burma and I have also lived and studied in Auckland, New Zealand. I have a Bachelor of Finance and International Business degree. I am a business administrator and work for a small software company. I provide administration, day to day financial, logistical and testing support. I have two children at the school which gives me a great view of both the learning and governing the school. I am willing to help our school pupils and community at All Saints’. I have always had a keen interest in the school community and in my role as a governor I have gained a deeper understanding of the issues that impact on the running of the school. I feel privileged, therefore, to be able to support the effective running of All Saints’. I enjoy being a school governor and believe that every child deserves a safe place to learn. 

Mrs Elaine Collins

(06/03/14 - 06/03/18)

None Foundation        (All Saints' Parochial Church Council) None

Standards & Curriculum,

Staffing & Admissions.

SEN, Medical & Safeguarding Governor.


Pen Portrait:

I am a Foundation Governor, appointed by All Saints' Church where I am an active member. I have worked in education for over 30 years and have been the manager of a pre-school for the last 24 years - which was recently rated as outstanding by Ofsted. The well being of children and their families is an absolute priority to me. Being a Governor gives me the opportunity to contribute my relevant skills in supporting the Governing Body to ensure the school's values are reflected and high expectations are met.

Mrs Barbara Bash

(Resigned: 30/06/17)

None Local Authority  None

Standards & Curriculum,

Staffing & Admissions .


Pen Portrait:

I have been coming into All Saints’ for many years to do volunteer reading with children and was delighted to be asked to be the LA governor about 4 years ago as I am quite involved with the school and know it quite well.  I was initially trained in adult literacy.  I worked as an Administrator and can bring my organisational skills to any committee I am placed on. I have two grown up children and three grandchildren, two of whom live in New Zealand.  I also live two minutes from the school.

Mrs Tanya Capone-Taylor

(Resigned: 03/03/17)

 None Parent Governor  None Finance & Premises  None

Pen Portrait:

I became a school governor because I feel I can contribute a lot of my skills and knowledge to helping others. I have been in employment since the age of 15 and I have learnt a lot about customer satisfaction and how to deal with difficult situations. My career in property management has helped me to improve my skills and learn about buildings and how they operate. I feel my knowledge being property manager should help me as a governor, helping with the running of the site and any arising problems. I speak three languages fluently: English, Italian and Finnish. I speak French at an intermediate level. I am a very motivated individual who loves to learn new things.

Mrs Fran Conley

(16/07/14 - 16/07/18)


Staff Governor, Deputy Head


Standards & Curriculum


Pen Portrait:

As Deputy Headteacher, I was keen to be involved in the strategic planning for the future of the school completed by the Governing Body. As Inclusion Coordinator, with a responsibility for Child Protection and managing Pupil Premium funding, I am able to provide information to the Governing Body.

Mr Phil Taylor


Head Teacher


Trustee of Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE). An education charity. Ex Officio of the majority of committees. None

Pen Portrait:

I joined All Saints' as a newly qualified teacher in 1993. After many happy years as a teacher in the juniors and infants I moved to another school in Camden to take up my first Deputy Headship. However, in a short time, I was encouraged back to All Saints' as Deputy Head. I then worked as Year Six teacher for many years as well as ICT Coordinator. In 2007 I was appointed as Head Teacher following the retirement of Mrs Davies, my predecessor. I am passionate about my job and enjoy working with the children, staff, parents and governors.

 A vacancy currently exists for a Foundation, Parent and Local Authority Governor.

For the attendance register of the Full Governing Body and all committees, click here


Click on the links below for copies of the minutes from the Governing Body meetings.

Minutes for the most recent meetings will be available online once ratified by the full Governing Body.


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